Lilian Garcia lascia la WWE

Dopo 15 anni di onorato servizio la famosa annunciatrice lascia per stare vicino al padre malato

by Roberto Trenta
Lilian Garcia lascia la WWE

Durante la giornata di ieri, la storica annunciatrice della WWE, Lilian Garcia, ha annunciato tramite il proprio profilo Instagram di aver lasciato la WWE per poter stare al fianco di suo padre che sta combattendo con ben due tumori.

Lilian lascia la WWE dopo ben 15 anni di carriera, ma a quanto pare non sarà un addio definitivo il suo. Potete vedere il post della ring announcer qui sotto

I’ve been getting a lot of tweets and messages asking where I have been and if I’m coming back to WWE, so I wanted to let you know what has been going on and why I have been silent.

I've been through so many emotions lately that they literally have kept me up at night. As most of you know, my father has been battling with two different types of cancer. He hasn’t been doing as well as we hoped, THEREFORE, I will not be traveling weekly with WWE any longer.

I will be looking to take on work closer to where I live so that I don't have to be on the road weekly away from him. He truly needs me, and I need this time with him. I ask that you please continue prayers for my father and my family.

It has been a magical 15-year career at WWE, and WWE Universe, I can't thank you enough for all your love and support! I felt you every step of the way! I also want to thank the amazing WWE Superstars, whom many of them have become my friends!

You are an incredible group of people with SO much talent! It has been such an honor to introduce you to the ring and watch your superior athleticism week after week. Thank you to the crew & production staff on the road and in the offices.

I've seen you work so hard! You really are the glue that keeps it all together! Lastly, thank you WWE for this incredible ride that I never wanted to get off. I've had experiences beyond my imagination. I thank you for not only allowing me to use my voice as an announcer but also sharing it to sing around the world.

What an honor! I will cherish the memories forever. This is not goodbye as I will ALWAYS be part of the WWE family & hope you all will follow me on social media to share in my next chapter. I thank you & I love you!!

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